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New banking relationship with Crown Agents Bank Ltd
Sunday, March 03, 2013

Phishing Announcement Caribbean Union Bank does not request confidential and private account information either by phone, e-mail or otherwise. Report all communications that solicit information from you to our Customer Service Department.
Thursday, November 14, 2013

Do not send any personal information about your bank over e-mail. At CUB we never request such information. We urge you to protect your privacy, DO NOT open or respond to suspicious emails. Contact our Customer Service Representative at 481.8278 f


Great Reasons to Become a CUB Merchant

Advantages for your business

Becoming a CUB Merchant represents important benefits for your business and customers. Customers who carry Visa/MasterCard trust their card and enjoy having the option and convenience to use it when paying for their purchases at the merchants they prefer. This means that becoming a Visa/MasterCard Merchant will allow you to access a larger customer base and generate more sales, which, in turn, will yield more profits. In addition, accepting Visa/MasterCard cards will p


The prestige of a leading brand

Visa/MasterCard is the preferred payment brands and the leading consumer payment systems in the world. Visa/MasterCard account for over 75% of the total volume of transactions with credit and debit cards worldwide, and are the most recognized and widely accepted payment around the globe. Transactions with Visa/MasterCard cards account for a larger volume than all other competing payment brands combined, making Visa/MasterCard the card consumers around the world use most often to pay for the goods and services they purchase.

Boost your sales

The use of Visa/MasterCard cards continues to grow across all industries. Even businesses that have traditionally accepted cash payments have already implemented Visa/MasterCard card acceptance due to the numerous advantages it brings to be able to provide the widest range of options and better service to customers. With over one billion cards issued worldwide, Visa/MasterCard lets you access a much more diverse consumer market and significantly boost your sales by giving customers an easy, secure, and convenient option to make their payments.

Your payments are guaranteed

Your payments are guaranteed, CUB will settle properly authorized Visa/MasterCard transactions quickly and take on the risk for any transactions cardholders do not pay. That's why accepting Visa/MasterCard cards means great peace of mind and a guarantee of payment for your business.

Reduce administrative costs

Operating with CUB allows you to reduce some of your largest administrative costs such as the expense-and risk-of handling large amounts of cash at your business locations, collecting payments, maintaining safe deposit boxes, and other similar costs.

How do you become a part of the Merchant Network

How do you become a CUB merchant that accepts Visa/MasterCards

If you are accepting or not accepting Visa/MasterCard cards right now but would like to make a change or would like your business to accept them as a form of payment, ask CUB your preferred Visa/MasterCard Financial Institution to assist you.

What to keep in Mind

Things you should bear in mind when joining the largest payment card acceptance network in the world

CUB will sign an agreement with you and manage your relationship with Visa/MasterCard. During the process to implement Visa/MasterCard card acceptance at your business locations, a number of issues will be discussed, including:

The number of business locations where you will be accepting Visa/MasterCard cards.

The payment card acceptance methods in your merchant locations

  • Face to Face
  • Mail Orders
  • Telephone Orders
  • Internet Orders
  • Automatic Debit

The type of systems you will be using to process Visa/MasterCard card payment transactions:

  • Point of sale terminals
  • Microcomputers
  • Customer Service System
  • Other Platforms

The estimated annual volume of Visa/MasterCard payment card transactions and the average transaction amount

The cost of accepting Visa/MasterCard cards.

The time frame to implement Visa/MasterCard card acceptance at your merchant locations.

Training of your staff on card acceptance procedures and fraud prevention.

Once you start accepting Visa/MasterCard cards, you will confirm the excellent competitive advantage they offer as a means of payment for greater convenience, superior customer service, and cost, effectiveness.

Signalization at your business locations

Signalizing your business location as a Visa/MasterCard merchant is the most effective way to attract customers who carry and use a Visa/MasterCard card. Place Visa/MasterCard signalization materials and decals in visible places, so that your customers can easily notice them.

If you need more information

Contact CUB for more information about the benefits and advantages of accepting Visa/MasterCard cards as a form of payment at your business locations


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